What Should You Avoid If You Want to Gain Weight?

Most of the sacrifices you make are healthy choices, but nonetheless they take a pinch out of you. The first thing you should avoid is being ill or having a low immune system. Having a poor immune system or being sick is a slow spiral staircase down the weighing scale. No matter how powerful your regime is, without health you will go down. Your immune system can be improved by the usual vegetables, fruits, water and also by sleeping 8 hours of uninterrupted rest at a go.
What Should You Avoid If You Want to Gain Weight?

Speaking about sleep, there are a lot of things which will de-rail you from sleeping. In our metropolitan society, we have nightclubs, bars, internet gaming and socializing which will probably prevent you from getting your sleep. If you avoid all these temptations, I promise you that the gains will always come faster for you. Remember the hard work you put in so put in the effort so that the results are more permanent and easier to achieve.
Some permanent boundaries are created by us and smoking is one of them. The alarming rate that people smoking to socialize has increased drastically over the years that it is no longer startling to see an underage teenager smoking anymore. Being socially numb to this just proves how inhumane we have become and how we are so willing to accept instant gratification over the long term results which will last. Gaining weight is not a touch and go achievement. It requires precise planning, well-thought out and executed actions in order to work. Smoking is definitely not a stepping stone for you in your pursuit of weight.
The next thing to avoid is tweaking the system that is working for you, no matter how small the results. We always have a tendency to tweak something when it is working for us as we are impatient and want the end results to come faster. However, unnecessary tweaking is the thing that separates the good from the great. The great do and when it works, sticks to it all the way. Even if the efficient way to dig up a hole in the ground was to use a teaspoon, a great person will keep digging until he gets the whole he desire, whereas the good person will find a shovel, hire manpower, get an excavator and by the time he is done with all this, gives up because it has been too draining on him.

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